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Who invented the first computer a steven jobs b alan

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Unformatted text preview: a computing machine Q. Who invented the first computer? a) Steven Jobs b) Alan Turing c) John von Neumann d) Bill Gates e) AT & T f) Charles Babbage" (1830s) " 3 turing machine-Turing Machine Alan Turing - British Mathematician In 1936... he developed the concept of a simple theoretical machine, consisting of: the enigma machine is a not important --its the ww2 thing •  an infinitely long tape divided into identical squares •  a scanner to read the tape. The Enigma Machine Turing Machine This Turing machine could: 1) move the tape to the right 2) move the tape to the left 3) print a slash 4) erase a slash Turing proved mathematically that through this binary code , one could devise and execute an indefinite number of programs and that machines operating on this principle could be constructed. Computer Programs he proved that through BINARY logic. ---the yuring machine is the conceptual basis if the MODERN computer!!!! important conceptual idea. digression--he was homosexual and they treated him with drugs and lead to depression and he commited suicide because of it Neumann-STORED PROGRAM!!!! --it can command the turing hardware by itself. John von Neumann - Mathematician In the 1940s... he developed the idea of devising a program to instruct the Turing machine. Idea of a stored program within the computer s internal memory.... a computer can prepare and execute its own programs! 4 single electron recording occured at this time--they discovered or came up with the idea of an Action Potential----its on or off like a binary code. The Neuronal Model They showed that: •  The operation of a nerve cell and its connections could be modeled in terms of logical elements .... there is a binary element...
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