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11_Unit2-2.6_MotorUnit copy

Coming in to the spinal cord called dorsal the final

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Unformatted text preview: nse shit 1 ! coming in to the spinal cord--called dorsal The final common path leaving the spinal cord is called ventral!!! rubrospinal tectospinal Type II afferents vestibulospinal corticospinal type Ib afferents alpha motor neuron reticulospinal type Ia afferents final common path--many influences on how muscle is activated---but once it gets to the alpha motor nueron past that very little modulation accurs. and that is the final common path muscle Sherrrington, 1906 MNP-group of neurons that activate the entire muscle itself Motor Neuron Pool MOTOR UNIT MU- is the aplha motor unit and muscle fibers it innervates in a muscle basically MNP is all the MU for a particular m...
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