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peripheral retina convergence 1001 periphery 1001

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Unformatted text preview: Acuity •  Retina contains approximately 100 million photoreceptors and 1 million ganglion cells – CONVERGENCE!!! •  Peripheral retina: convergence = 100:1 periphery--100:1 •  Fovea: convergence can be 1:1 photorecptros to ganglion cells fovea---1:1 Vs. More convergence → larger receptive field and lower acuity (resolution) Less convergence →smaller receptive field and higher acuity (resolution) eccentricity is how far we are away from the fovea of the eye Visual Acuity it just shows you the frequency of rods and cones in relation to where you are in the retina optic disc is a blind spot!!!----KNOW THIS !!!!!! Blind spot X http://faculty.washington.edu/chudler/chvision.html 6 ! So what kind of information does visual scene provide? Depth Perception interposition----not physilogically determines Depth Perception --blocking means infront Interposition – an object blocking part of another object is nearer just know these depth cues----like 5 of them i think--its heuristic knowledge- we bring in cognition now with this. it not physiological its knowlegde wehave through living in the world. Depth Perception Relative Size – objects of similar sizes at varying distance cast different retinal image sizes 7 ! Depth Perception Luminance Gradient – brighter is perceived nearer Shadows – three dimensional form and source of light Depth Perception Linear Pe...
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