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occipital lobe is where vision shit happens 4 froom

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Unformatted text preview: ipped and distorted magnification in fingertips to as compared to the trunk... occipital lobe--is where vision shit happens 4 ! froom visual cortex to temporal lobe ventral--what?---object recognition Cortical Processing •  Ventral (what) pathway: from visual cortex to temporal lobe •  Responsible for object recognition (face, house, tool) •  Dorsal (where) pathway: visual cortex to parietal lobe dorsal----where?-- object location and movement from visual cortex to parietal lobe •  Responsible for object location and movement •  Patients with damage to the inferior temporal area: unable to recognize objects, but could reach and grasp the object (Visual agnosia ) visual agnosia!!!!!!---damage to temporal so they know what but not where •  Patients with damage to the posterior parietal areas have a reduced ability to locate objects (but can recognize) Visual Acuity ability to detect objects a seperate/ as two distinct points •  Degree of spatial resolution and is measured as the distance (in degrees) two points in the visual field have to be apart in order to be perceived at two points and not one. Receptive Fields and Acuity in the center a photoreceptor is responsible for less space in the visual field----so its more precise 5 ! CONVEREGENCE!!!!---photrecptors all relay stimulus to one ganglion cell Receptive Fields and...
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