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Unformatted text preview: vary context or skill when coaching. Variability of Practice What should vary in practice? Context (Environment) regulatory conditions non-regulatory conditions Skill (Task) movement patterns movement parameters 3 7/4/12 in closed skills the environment is very well defined--not alot of variability. Variability in the environment •  When regulatory or non-regulatory conditions vary in real performance, they should also vary in practice the free throw is a closed environment unless its at big game because the crowd tries to invade in the closeness. For closed skills 7-iron NonRegulatory Regulatory (inter-trial variability) Free throw (no inter-trial variability) Practice should vary distances, ball characteristics Practice should not vary regulatory conditions (e.g., distance) Weather, crowd free throw you are trying not to vary things because everything is always the same--you want to practice under the same conditions every time Should vary crowd noise, game situations , etc. open skills---early learsn should not be givin to much variability because their intenal model is not developed very well and it could confuuse them... Variability in the environment What about open skills??? •  There is always inter-trial variability – regulatory and non-regulatory conditions should vary in practice •  For all skills, early learners need low variability in practice until the task goals, ideas of the movement are clear •  Why??? Low variability for early learners •  Gentile s two stage model of learning (Unit 1.3) ! Stage 1: Getting an idea of movement (discrimination between regulatory and non-regulatory conditions) !! keep variabiulity low!!!! !  Variability in practice may interfere with this stage ! Stage 2: Fixation and diversification – Stage two requires variability in practice give them variability 4 7/4/12 How should variable practice be organized? Randomly? In blocks? In specific order? Practice Schedule Imagine you are practicing karate …. you could employ: Blocked practice (AAA BBB CCC) Monday Tuesday Wednesday all kicks all blocks all punches Random practice (CCBACBCAACAB) Monday Tuesday Wednesday punch - punch - block - kick - punch block - punch - kick - kick – punch block- kick - kick - punch - block Serial Practice (ABC ABC ABC) Monday Tuesday Wednesday kick - block -punch kick - block -punch kick - block -punch Practice Schedule Blocked practice results in bett...
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