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6_Unit2.1_NS_Intro copy

4 7412 know this shit he said gray vs white matter

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Unformatted text preview: ms, etc. 4 7/4/12 know this shit!!!!!! he said Gray vs. White matter White matter Myelin surrounding axons. Electrical impulse transmission. Gray matter White matter Gray matter Soma and dendrites White matter Gray matter Synaptic activity Functional Unit of the NS Principle of dynamic polarization priciplw of connctional specificity---just konw htey male precise connection dont need to know the other bullet for this (Cajal, 1906) dynamic polarization--unidirectional !  Unidirectional flow of information (i.e., from dendrites to the axon) Principle of connectional specificity (Cajal, 1906) !  No cytoplasmic connection between neurons !  Neurons make precise connections (i.e., not random) STIMULUS Principle of Dynamic Polarization •  Concerned with the flow of information (electrical signals) within a neuron •  Information flows from the dendrites to the axon terminals •  Due to characteristics of the neuron, information will not back propagate (flow in the opposite direction) 5 7/4/12 ACTION potential know thi...
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