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Divisions of a neuron soma cell body contains a single

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Unformatted text preview: . Divisions of a neuron !  Soma (cell body) !  Contains a single, centrally located nucleus !  Responsible for production and transportation of neurotransmitters !  Dendrites !  Projections from soma that receive signals/input from neighboring neurons !  Axon !  Single projection from soma (but can branch) !  Sends signals/input to either other neurons or a target tissue Functional Unit of the NS Functional Unit of the NS form fits function-long neurons--distributive along the brain bundled---makes calculations like interprets shit. The structure (morphology) of individual neurons varies considerably. Function can be inferred from morphology. 3 7/4/12 Compared to dendrites, axons can be quite long (some are over a meter in length). Axons can also vary in thickness and many are covered by a white fatty substance called myelin myelin--covers the axon!!! it is preotective and aids neural transmission Multiple sclerosis-- poeple dont have a myalin sheath so it sucks for them Axons group 1-- thiick --proprioceptive--- fast current might want to put this in the card he didnt say but i think this is testable Axon diameter and the presence of myelin determine the speed of conduction Multiple Sclerosis •  Symptoms vary considerably, but include muscle weakness, speech difficulties, impairments in coordination and balance, acute and/or chronic pain, muscle spas...
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