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Unformatted text preview: negative than resting potential (i.e., undershoot) Threshold – requisite potential for an AP to occur (all-or-none) hyperpol-- membrane becomes more negative that resting threshhold-- when it hits a certain point it fires the AP !!!!!!! incredibly important!!!!!!!!!! Principle of Connectional Specificity this is the axon hitting a dentrite--there is synaptic gap!!!!! thisis how the info in transmitted from axon to dendrite by chemicals!! they are called neurotransmitters-- EX-dopamine(parkinsons). seratonin, Chemical Synapses (shown above) !  Communication !  N o between synapses via the release of neurotransmitters cytoplasmic connections between neurons Electrical Synapses !  Direct the AP hits the end o the axon and releases the neurotransmitters--this slows do neurve impulses. connections between neurons (gap junctions) dont konw eleictricl synapse not important for this course 6 7/4/12 just know myalin and neruto transmitter and exmaples of nuerotransmitters!!! Chemical Synapses !!!!!!...
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