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Muscle spindles detect muscle stretch konw the

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Unformatted text preview: x--the hmmer hits and stretches the tendon and pulls on the muscle fibers causing a muscle spasm. muscle spindles detect muscle stretch!!!!!! konw the patellar reflex in great detail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Monosynaptic Reflex Polysynaptic Reflex monosynaptic--fast reflexes-- only one synapse for movement withdraw relfex--touch somthing hot. is a monosynaptic 8 7/4/12 Cerebral Cortex Brodmann’s areas (1909) broadmanns areas!!!-Primary motor cortex---motor function eminates from Studied the structure and cellular composition of the cerebral cortex. Identified 52 distinct areas Neural Organization homuclulous---the man--thats how much neural tissue is devoted to each part of the human body. Topographic maps of information are maintained through out the nervous system. the hands have more nural tissue than our trunk. Plasticity within the organization… plasticity-- the brain can remap itself-- you can remap your brain in a matter of hours. plasticity!!!!--the brain can adapt-- it can reorganize shit to be better at using what you got. 9 7/4/12 plasticity is experince dependant!!!!!!!!! know this man!!!!!!! Plasticity within the organization… Plasticity is experience dependent and is thought to be the neurophysiological mechanism that underlies learning 10...
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