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be familiair with this process dude spindle within

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Unformatted text preview: ), causing sudden stretching/elongation stretch reflex!!!!! be familiair with this process dude. Spindle within bicep detects change in length no conscious though ---sends an activating signal to biceo and inhibitory signal to the antagonist tricep. Afferent signal sent to spinal cord Mono-synapse with alpha motor neuron Alpha motor neuron signals the bicep to contract (flexion of elbow) Inhibitory interneuron connects with alpha motor neuron of antagonist muscle Triceps (extensors) stay relaxed Tendon Reflex… tendon reflex!!!! the doctor hammer test on your knee!!!! …is an example of the stretch reflex so when they hit it strecthes the muscle ever so slightly--sends a signal to the spinal cord and activates the alpha nueron and the coorespiding inhibitory neuron..this is a test if the neruosystem is functioning properly. know the figure!!!! 11 7/4/12 Proprioception: Golgi tendon organ (GTO) •  Located in the myotendinous junction •  Both passive stretch and active contraction of the muscle increases the tension of the tendon, which activates the GTO. •  MUSCLE TENSION!! GTO in the end of musle and the tendon!!! SENSES MUSCLE TENSION!!!!!!!!--not velocity and position GTO WILL shut down muscle if there is too much force and it will cause a muscle tear. example of GTO function Golgi tendon organ (GTO) serves as a protective reflex •  The tendon organ (GTO) appears to be more sensitive to active contraction than to passive stretching. GTO as a reflex Excessive load placed on the muscle causing a sudden increase in tension. Tension change is detected by the golgi tendon organ. Afferent signal sent to spinal cord. Mono-synapse with Inhibitory interneuron connects with alpha motor alpha motor neuron neuron of agonist muscle Biceps (flexors) are inhibited (relaxed) Alpha motor neuron signals the triceps to contract (extension of elbow) The GTO is thought to protects muscle from excess load 12 7/4/12 Somatosensory System Somatosensation Cutaneous Sensation skin Pacinian, Meissner, Merkel, Ruffini and Free endings Muscles Muscle spindles and Golgi tendon organs Joints Type 1, 2, 3 and 4 Proprioception Proprioception: Joint Receptors Type1 – Ruffini like receptors are slow adapting ne...
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