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They signal static joint position joint movement

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Unformatted text preview: rve fibers located in the fibrous part of the joint capsule. They signal static joint position, joint movement, direction and speed of movement. Type 2 – Paciniform receptors are rapidly adapting nerve fibers located in the fibrous part of the joint capsule. They signal joint movement, particularly movement velocity. Type 3 – slow adapting receptors that resemble the tendon organ is found only in ligaments. Its functional role is unknown. Type 4 – free nerve ending located in both the fibrous capsule and ligaments. They signal tissue damage (nociception). Proprioception: Joint Receptors •  Early evidence (Skoglund, 1956): different receptors fire at different ranges of joint angles •  Recent evidence: depends on factors such active/passive motion, direction of motion, etc. •  Most fire near extreme joint angles….. Limited involvement in proprioception 13 7/4/12 Proprioceptors: Which is most important? 1960s controversy - which sensor provides “position sense”? Cutaneous? Proprioceptors? Joint Receptors? Resolved by “Muscle Vibration Experiments” (Matthews, 1972)! Standing Posture Illusions! The Pinocchio Illusion!! Proprioceptors and Sensory Illusions Lackner & DiZio, 2000 14...
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