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General properties of receptors intensity coding

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Unformatted text preview: an be interpreted by the nervous system. General properties of receptors • Intensity coding - receptors can detect and code strength or magnitude of the stimulus. •  Graded response: the greater the stimulus the greater the response. 2 ways!!!! 1) spatial summation--- the more sensory receptors that are stimulated the more intense the perception 2) temporal- the sensors fire more rapidly •  Spatial Summation - The larger number of receptors that are stimulated, the stronger the perceived stimulus. •  Temporal Summation - A strong stimulus causes receptors to fire at a higher frequency than a weak stimulus. General properties of receptors •  Adequate stimulus - most receptors are built to respond only or preferably to one kind of stimulus energy •  Modality - when a specific receptor is stimulated (w/ an adequate stimulus) to cause a consciou...
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