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Adequate stimulus different receptor need different

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Unformatted text preview: sly perceived sensation, you get the same modality of sensory experience. adequate stimulus--different receptor need different levels of stimulus to report something as there modality- huh??????????? 2 7/4/12 General properties of receptors slowly adapting-- records the stiumus at first then the impulses become less and less frequenct. ex-- holding hands under water at constant temp. rapidly- exmaple-- giving blood- there is an initial pain but it goes away quickly Adaptation General properties of receptors the receptive field---the area of the face that triggered a response from one particular neuron. •  Receptive field - the region of a sensory surface (retina, skin, etc.) that, when stimulated, modulates the activity of a neuron. Stein & Meredith, 1998 mechano-- presses on the skin Receptor Classification •  Nature of stimulus •  Mechanoreceptor – distortion of the surrounding tissues •  Chemoreceptor – chemical substances in interstitial fluids entero receptor--- your stomach telling you you are not hungry anymore •  Photoreceptor - light •  Thermoreceptor - temperature •  Origin of stimulus proprio receptors--- joints and shit. •  Exteroreceptors – from outside of the body •  Enteroreceptors – from inside of the body •  Proprioceptors – from the body itself (i.e., body movement) 3...
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