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between any two performance trials two intervals of

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Unformatted text preview: of KR konw hte difference between KR-delay and post KR!!!!! Between any two performance trials, two intervals of time are created: KR-delay interval: time between end of trial and provision of KR Post-KR interval: time from end of KR to start of the next trial R1 KR-delay KR1 R2 Post-KR delay Inter-response interval Length of KR-delay delayed KR always stayed higher-- than with feed back right away. The assumption that KR should be provided immediately is not upheld in research But – there is a minimum delay that must occur •  Lever movement to match criterion time •  Instantaneous feedback resulted in poorer performance than delayed feedback (3.2 s) Swinnen et al. (1990) Why? 5 7/4/12 Activity during the KR-delay not resposible for this slide Does activity during the delay between end of performance and delivery of feedback affect learning? •  Negative effect if learner focuses on other s performance or learns secondary task •  Linear positioning task •  Unfilled KR-delay = rest •  Filled KR delay = other positions •  Graph shows interference Shea & Upton (1976) Activity during the KR-delay Positive effect if person engages in…. •  subjective performance evaluation strategy Hogan & Yanowitz (1997) •  estimation of specific characteristics of movement related components of action Liu & Wrisberg (1997) Why? Length of post-KR interval An important period of time as: Learners develop plan of action for next trial- promotes problem solving (important in transfer) Evidence suggests a minimum time again (~1 secon...
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