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5_Unit1.5_Feedback copy

1 to confirm learner s assessments of taskintrinsic

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Unformatted text preview: acteristics In what context is KR effectively used? 1. To confirm learner s assessments of taskintrinsic feedback 2. To determine outcome information when task-intrinsic feedback is not available 3. To motivate continuing practice 4. To promote discovery learning by trial and error 3 7/4/12 In what context is KR effectively used? shut the fuck up kid!!!!!!!!!!! •  Blindfolded line drawing of criterion length Trowbridge & Cason (1932) IF ITS AN ERRO SCORE YOU WANT IT TO GET LOWER!!!! LOOK at the y axis and see what its measuring on the exam •  Some (correct) KR is better than none In what context is KP effectively used? 1. When skills require specific techniques when do we us KP instead of KR???? these three things….. like soccer is specific and football isnt---you need to learn soccer at an early age but not football you acn abe good if yo learn late. 2. When coordination must be improved/adjusted 3. When KR has been made redundant by taskintrinsic feedback … reason for KP>KR Types of KP Verbal Descriptive and prescriptive KP statements (assessment) (correction) Video; Split screen Popular technique; mixed effectiveness Newer – mixed effectiveness Kinematics and PLD Graphs can powerfully illustrate movement patterns; PLD removes distracting structure PLD-point light displays-we can isolate someones segments---to derive someones patterns Biofeedback KP of physiological processes e.g., EMG 4 7/4/12 Timing of Augmented Feedback When should augmented feedback be given? Terminal (at the end) versus concurrent (during performance) Almost always effective Most effective when: 1) task-intrinsic feedback is low 2) learner has poor reference of correctness 3) learner is unsure what to do Delay and decay...
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