Post test Chapter 11

Post test Chapter 11 - conflict often occurs. C. Lesbians...

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1. Couples with a greater commitment toward each are likely to experience A. arguments about minor greivances. B. high levels of jealousy. C. lower supportiveness towards each other. D. equity. 2. The book mentions ________ as a sign that a relationship is deteriorating. A. forgetfulness B. depression C. alcoholism or drug abuse D. withdrawal 3. According to the book, most research supports the _________ concept of attractiveness. A. similarity B. affinity C. complementarity D. matching 4. Which of the following situations is not an example the book gives as a work-related issue? A. Gay men are more focosed on relational issues than heterosexual men. B. When men or women retire while their spouses continue to work, marital
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Unformatted text preview: conflict often occurs. C. Lesbians are less career-oriented than gay men. D. Stay-at-home wives are more satisfied with their jobs and lives than working wives. 5. Although Sophia is not a sports fan, she goes to football games and watches baseball games on TV with her boyfriend Evan. Her desire to see Evan is greater than her dislike of sports. This is an example of A. the equity theory. B. relationship maintenance. C. the social exchange theory. D. an affinity-seeking strategy. 6. Expectations that your partner will attend to self-disclosures with total absorption or share your preferences with equal intensity are called...
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Post test Chapter 11 - conflict often occurs. C. Lesbians...

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