2007exam2 - Second midterm - Biochemistry 442 May 15, 2007...

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1 Second midterm - Biochemistry 442 May 15, 2007 Name: _______________________ Student #:________________________ -5 points if your name is missing or not legible! Be specific in your answers! They do not need to be long, but be sure to clearly identify the important molecules when asked. 1) 21 points As a research scientist in a Department of Chemical Biology, you search libraries of chemicals for molecules that inhibit motors. You identify one chemical that inhibits all plus end- directed motors you call plusocine, and one that inhibits all minus end directed motors you call minusocine. Which chemical would you use if you wanted to inhibit the following events in a cell? Note that in some cases you might use both chemicals for maximum effect. Just name the chemical(s) you would use. A) The movement of the chromosome to the centrosome during Anaphase? B) The movement of neurotransmitter-containing vesicles to the ends of axons? C) Muscle contraction? D) The breakdown of the nuclear envelope at prometaphase? E) The movement of the chromosome towards one centrosome during prometaphase (when the kinetochore is first captured on one side)? F) The movement of the centrosomes to the edges of the cell during anaphase? G) The movement of LDL receptor containing vesicles from the cell surface to the endosome? 2) 14 points After studying for your 442 midterm, you decide that warts, which are caused by viral infection, should not get a nice suntan unlike the rest of your skin. Why is that? Provide a complete molecular explanation (i.e. be sure you explain how tanning works and how that relates to warts). If your answer continues to the back side of this page, be sure to clearly indicate that.
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2 3) 15 points Working in a research lab you develop an antibody that specifically recognizes the human
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2007exam2 - Second midterm - Biochemistry 442 May 15, 2007...

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