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VA Score Blade2 - weapon or does something flashy the music...

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Andrew Drummond Visual Audio The movie I picked to talk about its score is Blade 2. I really enjoyed the score of this film because as a action film it needed upbeat music and that is exactly what it had. Whenever there was any action happening there was music in the background even if it was faint. The opening scene of the film uses this batman meets techno music that worked so well because the open scene has a new type of vampire and so the eerie batman music works cause you don’t really know anything about this vampire. Then when he attacks the music kicks up into this techno sound but still remain eerie. The music that plays when blade is around is almost shaft like. He walks around with so much confidence so the music shows that like it did in shaft. The music also picks up when ever there are people running and it slows down when people stop but its all on beat. It works very well with the action happening on the screen. When Blade gets into a fight with people the music kicks up into a fast techno sound and then when he pulls out a
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Unformatted text preview: weapon or does something flashy the music slows down a bit and then speeds right back up as Blade goes back to fighting. The music also stops with the sound of the last vampire dieing but it isn’t abrupt. In a few action scenes the music is playing but is very low so you hear the SXF sounds more of his weapons and the things going on around him. There is real music used in this film as well but it works because the film is about vampires and they drink blood and feed on each other and listen to upbeat techno music. The songs that were used in the film that were real music talked about feeding, thirst and blood. So they fit in well with the film. Also they were techno songs so they didn’t stand out with the music that was composed for the film. The real songs were also only used briefly. The score on a whole worked very well for this film and I believe made it a lot better than it would have been otherwise....
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VA Score Blade2 - weapon or does something flashy the music...

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