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reactions - I thought that the way Mrs Circle went to the 1...

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Children’s Music Lindergarten.com is just an amazing website. I really enjoyed the Just for Fun link, I thought that was just a great way of showing how teaching has changed over the years, and the different type of examples that they shared were very much true. I thought the Pride Wall was a neat way to show the class, I also thought that the Star Student of the Week on the website is a really neat thing, if I were one of the children in the class and I was on the web site for being the Star of the Week, I would be very proud of myself. I remember in grade school they did student of the week, and all you got was a piece of paper saying that you were it. I would much rather be on a web site, I also feel that, putting the students on the web site also encourages them and their parents to look at the web page, and it will also draw the parents to be more involved with the child’s school work, as well as the school. I thought the article (Learn-by-Doing) was well written.
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Unformatted text preview: I thought that the way Mrs. Circle went to the 1 st grade class to play the piano was a pretty cool deal. When the article started to talk about doing rhythm, and clapping and dancing, I really began to put that into place with what we did in class on Friday. I also remembered my grade school days of clapping rhythm in music class, but I also remembered just getting the music books and singing out of them. I felt bad for Mrs. Circle when the school was all spaced out because of a condemned school building, but I was very happy to hear that she stayed as positive as she could. I was also happy to read that the school built a large enough vocal room for her needs, and I’m glad that they saw it her way. In a way she reminded me of my grade school teacher, we would often times get to play instruments such as the sand boards (boards with sand paper on them and slide them together) the triangle, and the finger symbols....
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reactions - I thought that the way Mrs Circle went to the 1...

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