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Unformatted text preview: 1. Take coarse particles and place in bank of pre‐determined sieve sizes (as per lab worksheet). Hold stack of sieves and gently rock stack back in forth. Take one sieve at a time and sieve until “refusal”, starting with the top sieve. Record weight(s) (in column labeled non‐cumulative, at the respective sieve size). Ensure the sieves progressively decrease in size from top down, with a pan on the bottom. Remember to place all material that has passed through any one sieve into the next corresponding sieve. Once all coarse material has been sieved, place particles into bowl, label and set aside. 2. Sieve the “prepared” fine dried wash sample. Take fine particles, loosen and brush into bank of pre‐determined sieve sizes (as per lab worksheet). Repeat sieving process as described above. (step 1). Note: the “Fine Total Wt. before wash” will be given to you by the lab instructor RESULTS/REPORTING Sieve Analysis: For your calculations and in your response, please follow the numbering scheme below 1. The sum of the cumulative masses should be approximately equal to the initial total mass of the soil sample. A loss of more than two percent is unsatisfactory. Calculate this value. 2. Cumulate the weights obtained. 3. Calculate the percent retained and percent passing on each sieve (see following example calculations). Winter 2013 5 CIVE 153 – Earth Engineering Grain Size Analysis Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Coarse Portion calculating the % retained & % passing for the 4.75mm sieve example To Calculate % Retained % retained = cumulative wt. Initial Total Wt. × 100 Example: 4.75mm cumulative weight is 8800.0g Initial Total wt. is 13050.0g % retained = 8800.0 ÷ 13050 × 100 = 0.6743295 = 67.4% To Calculate % Passing % passing = 100 – % retained Example: 67.4% is the percent retained for the 4.75mm sieve, as calculated above %passing = 100 – 67.4 = 32.6% 67.4% is the percent retained, and 32.6% is the percent passing for the 4.75mm sieve Winter 2013 6 CIVE 153 – Earth Enginee...
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