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Atterberg Limit

12hrsusuallyovernight comebacknextdaytoweighdrysoil

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Unformatted text preview: roove. Place the sample into a pre‐weighed moisture tin, immediately record the mass of the soil + tin, record number of blow counts and place tin back on tray provided. 5. Remove the rest of the soil from the cup, add it back to the main batch of soil, add a small quantity of distilled water and mix thoroughly. Repeat steps (2) to (4). 6. Clean the cup and tools used before each trial. 7. Place tray with moisture tins into oven, dry min. 12hrs (usually overnight). COME BACK NEXT DAY TO WEIGH DRY SOIL. Plastic Limit 1. Remove the 20 g sample from the corner of the Plexiglas plate and divide it into approximately three equal portions. 2. Roll each portion into a ball in the palm of your hand, drying your sample out to the point that you are able to roll the soil on the Plexiglas plate without leaving a smear of soil. 3. Take one of the 3 portions and roll it on the plate with your fingers and palm with sufficient pressure to obtain a thread of uniform diameter over its entire length. 4. When the dia...
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