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Atterberg Limit

12hrsusuallyovernight comebacknextdaytoweighdrysoil

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Unformatted text preview: meter of the thread becomes 3 mm (1/8 inch), roll/press together the thread back into a ball, and roll out again to a 3mm thread. 5. Continue this process until it is no longer possible to roll a thread of 3 mm diameter, i.e. the soil crumbles. Winter 2013 4 CIVE 153 – Earth Engineering Atterberg Limits 6. 7. 8. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Gather the crumbled soil and place it into pre‐weighed moisture tin, immediately record the mass of the soil + tin, and place on tray provided. Repeat the above steps for the two other portions. Place tray with moisture tins into oven, dry min. 12hrs (usually overnight). COME BACK NEXT DAY TO WEIGH DRY SOIL. RESULTS Calculating Moisture Content: After the soil has dried, obtain the dry weight of soil and calculate water contents of each sample as follows: The water content is given by: w Mw mass of water 100% 100% Ms mass of dry soil Liquid Limit: 1. Plot the logarithm of the number of blows vs the water content on the lab dat...
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