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Atterberg Limit


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Unformatted text preview: to the corner of the Plexiglas plate. (to be used for Plastic Limits test) Winter 2013 3 CIVE 153 – Earth Engineering Atterberg Limits Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Liquid Limit Initially, place an approx. 20g of soil onto the corner of the Plexiglas plate. (this will be used for Plastic Limit test) 1. Place a portion of the soil in the brass cup of the liquid limit device; smooth the surface to a maximum depth of 10 mm ensuring all air bubbles/pockets have been removed. 2. Draw the grooving tool along the axis of symmetry of the cup. Hold the tool perpendicular to the cup at the point of contact. Ensure grooving tool “scrapes” along the bottom of the brass cup. 3. Turn the crank at a rate of two revolutions per second and count the number of blows required to close the groove in the soil for a length of 13 mm. 4. Remove a sample of soil which has the width of a spatula, extends the full width of the cup at right angles to the groove, and includes the closed portion of the g...
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