Atterberg Limit


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Unformatted text preview: led into threads of 3.2 mm in diameter. ‐ the boundary between the plastic and semi‐solid states. The objective of this procedure is to roll the soil into a thread having a diameter of 3.2 mm by alternately pressing together and rolling until its water content is reduced to a point at which the thread crumbles, and can no longer be pressed together and re‐rolled. Winter 2013 2 CIVE 153 – Earth Engineering Atterberg Limits Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering APPARATUS 1. Liquid limit device 2. Grooving tool 3. Oven 4. 200‐250 g of soil passing the No. 40 sieve, 425μm aperture size 5. Scale with accuracy of 0.01 g 6. Squeeze bottle of Distilled Water 7. Spatula and mixing tools 8. Glass plate 9. Mixing and Storage container 10. Moisture tins PROCEDURE (Multi point method) Sample Preparation (for soils lab 153) 1. Prepare a batch of soil (about 100 g) by passing it through a No. 40 (425 µm) sieve and mixing it with distilled water to form a uniform consistency. 2. Cure for about 24 hours – minimum 16hrs. 3. Place about 20 g of this paste on...
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