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127 course syllabus winter 2013

All marks for this course are earned through

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Unformatted text preview: se is an introduction to Statics and Solid Mechanics, including the topics of two- dimensional force systems and equilibrium, analysis of simple structures, and stress and strain due to axial forces and bending. All marks for this course are earned through individual work (assignments, one midterm and a final exam). Success in this course requires an understanding of the concepts and practice solving problems. Numerous example problems will be solved during the lectures and tutorials to support the concepts presented. In addition, students are expected to complete and hand in assignment problems. Many more example problems are included in the textbook: either as solved examples or problems to be solves at the end of each section. Solving these problems will aid in preparation for the midterm and final exam. Course Information Midterm – it will cover the material from the first 5 weeks of the course. The material for the midterm will be discusses one week prior to the midterm Midterm will be will be closed book. One (1) 8.5 x 11 in. (double- sided) “formula sheet” will be permitted. Midterm solutions will be available on the course website after the midterm. Assignments must be handed in. Solutions will be posted on LEARN after the assignments are handed in. Brief Course Outline: Statics • Systems of Forces: 2- D • Equilibrium: 2- D • Simple Structural Analysis (Trusses and Frames) • Geometric Properties and Distributed Forces • Internal Loadings/Forces Solid Mechanics • Stress and Strain • Axial Loading • Bending A detailed course outline, complete with corresponding textbook sections, is provided on the course website....
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