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Unformatted text preview: he ordinary path integral of the vector field represented by i–/z– = -i/z–, (see the note just after the definition of the complex path integral). Therefore, the path integral of i/z– equals 2π Ki It follows that the path integral of is just K, so that the moment of the vortex 2πz– is given by K“0, 0, 1‘ or Kk, and its strength is K. (C) Point Vortex F(z) = (C) Combing Sources, Sinks, and Vortices Since all of the above functions only have singularities at isolated points, we can combine them to form velocity fields with vortices, sources and sinks as we desire. We can also combine these things with some of the other flows we have studied above. (D) Flow with Circulation Around a Cylinder 47 1 Start with the complex potential for basic flow around a cylinder: F(z) = z + . Then z add a circulation at the origin with some strength K: 1 Ki F(z) = z + + lnz z 2π A stagnation point is a point where the velocity equals zero. Setting the speed equal to zero and solving for z gives...
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