Referring again to topic 9 we find fz ialnz b looking

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Unformatted text preview: const so that, in the coaxial plane, they are straight lines. Since they cannot be straight lines in the original plane (since the circles they cross are not concentric) they have to be arcs of circles! Exercise Set 10 Hand In 1. Find the potential, equipotential, and lines of force for the following situation. Also find a three-dimensional field corresponding to an appropriate three-dimension version of the following: insulation 3 kV 0 kV 0 kV The disc has radius 5 2 [Suggestion: First shrink the radius. Then use z to go to a simpler region. Follow by something we have already done...] 2. Repeat the first question for the following situation: 110 V a [Suggestion: The given region is, with a slight scale adjustment, the image of nice region under the sine function.] 11. Heat Problems (Still from Kreyzsig) Heat conduction in a homogeneous material is governed by ∂T 22 =cÔT ∂t 2 where T = temperature, and c is a positive constant that varies from material to material. When the temperature stops changing, we have steady state, and 2 Ô T = 0 = Txx + Tyy...
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