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real fiction - Children's Lit The Last Holiday Concert by...

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Children’s Lit. The Last Holiday Concert by Andrew Clements *My personal reaction to the book was that the book sort of related to me during my 4 th grade year, our music teacher left the program, and to this date I’m not quite sure why. The book was written well and kept me interested. I felt the ending was in a way sad, I wish it could have ended different. *In this book there wasn’t much diversity to me besides the fact that the school was cutting down on budget and they terminated the job of music. I feel bad for the kids in the book because my music teacher in 3 rd grade left us after our Christmas program, and to this date I’m not really sure why. *To me there is a taboo in society that the book addresses and it is how a school can “terminate” a job and try and keep it on the quiet side of the news. Oh No, Noah! By Johanna Hurwitz *My personal view of this book was that this book also related to me in the sense that I had moved to a new neighborhood when I was entering kindergarten and that I also had
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