Every leader just acts in the way the company acts in

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Unformatted text preview: chnology Professional norms Leaders “matters”: the likeability of the leader and whether the leader provides rewards for good performance were found to be the major correlates of performance Leadership irrelevance - - - Factors outside the leader’s control have a larger impact on business outcomes than do leadership actions. ( E.G. preference) High- level leaders have unilateral control over only a few resources and the control is limited by obligations to stakeholders. (every leader just acts in the way the company acts) In the modern organization, effective leadership means widespread collaboration in obtaining ideas, rather than the heroic leader doing all the innovating. Better to be “leader constraints theory” Complexity theory - - - Forces outside the leader or manager’s control determine a company’s fate To ask under what conditions leaders make a difference Out- world is unpredictable and the leader can do nothing but innovate people to adapt to it Leadership roles Role: an expected set of activities or behaviours stemming from one’s job - - - - - - Figurehead Spokesperson Negotiator Coach and motivator Team builder Team player - - - Technical problem solver...
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