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Much organizational politics the pursuit of

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Unformatted text preview: Entrepreneur Strategic planner Common thread: the managerial leader in some way inspires or influences others- most basic role for corporate leaders is to release the human spirit that makes initiative, creativity and entrepreneurship possible. Satisfactions of leaders - - - - - - - A feeling of power and prestige A chance to help others grow and develop High income Respect and status Good opportunity for advancement A feeling of “being in on” things An opportunity to control money and other resources Dissatisfactions and frustrations of leaders - - - - - - - - - Too much uncompensated overtime Too many “headaches” Facing a perform- or- perish mentality Not enough authority to carry out responsibility Loneliness Too many problems involving people Too much organizational politics The pursuit of conflicting goals Being perceived as unethical, especially if you are a corporate executive A frame work for understanding leadership L= f (l, gm, s): leadership process is a function of the leader, group members, and other situational variables. Leadership effectiveness: attaining desirable outcomes such as productivity, quality, and satisfaction in a given situation - - - - Leader ch...
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