Chapter 5 - Orientation, Training, and Development

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Unformatted text preview: vioural component = on- the- job training, simulation, interactive video training Training and Development Methods • Newer methods emerges as result of greater understanding of behaviour, particularly in areas of learning, motivation, and interpersonal relationships • Technological advances – training devices more effective and economical On- the- job Training • On- the- job training (OJT) – method by which employees are given hands on experience with instructions from supervisor or other trainer o Build good relationships with new employees o During economic slowdowns = most cost effective means of facilitating learning o Often most poorly implemented training methods o Three drawbacks: lack of well- structured training environment, poor training skills of managers, absence of well- defined job performance o Suggestions ! Develop realistic goals and/or measures for each OJT area ! Plan specific training schedule for trainee, including set periods for evaluation and feedback ! Help managers establish a non- threatening atmosphere conducive to learning ! Ensure mechanisms to monitor and evaluate training programs Apprenticeship Training • Apprenticeship training – system of training in which a worker entering the skilled trades is given thorough instruction and experience, both on and off the job, in practical and theoretical aspects of work Cooperative Training and Internship Programs • Cooperative training – training program that combines practical on- the- job experience with formal education o offered at universities – work entire semester as part of education o don’t get course credit but show involvement ! demonstrate to prospective employers they have work experience • Inter...
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