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Chapter 5 - Orientation, Training, and Development

Program design o 3 training delivery o 4 evaluation

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Unformatted text preview: Approach to Orientation, Training, and Development • • • Should be structured with eye to organizational goals and strategies Sometimes “whatever the competition is doing” are main drivers of organization’s training agenda o Much of organization’s investment can be wasted o Training programs often misdirected, poorly designed, inadequately evaluated Systems approach to training o 1. Needs assessment o 2. Program design o 3. Training delivery • o 4. Evaluation of training All elements refer to orientation and development as well The Scope of Orientation, Training, and Development • • • • • Some already equipped, but some employees need a lot of training All need some type of training and development on ongoing basis to maintain effective performance or adjust to new ways of work Training – often casually used to describe any effort initiated by organization to foster learning among members o However, many experts make distinction between training and development o Training more focused and oriented toward acquiring skills, behaviours, and abilities to perform current work ! Development more towards acquiring skills, behaviours, and abilities to perform future work or solve organizational problem ! “training and development” – combination of activities used by organizations to increase abilities and capabilities of their employees Learning refers to ongoing change in behaviour and thinking o Ultimate goal of training and development Primary reason organizations train new employees is to bring KSAs up to level required for satisfactory performance o As employees continue job, additional training and development provide opportunities for them to acquire new knowledge and skills o Employees may be even more effective on job and may be able to perform other jobs in other areas or higher levels Investments in Training • • • • • • • Canadian businesses spend about $852 per employee eac...
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