Chapter 5 - Orientation, Training, and Development

Basic methods reactions learning behaviour results

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Unformatted text preview: in their own time and space o Retain info faster when they can immediately put it to use o Have appropriate culture – higher employee satisfaction, morale, and retention Employees more motivated and more inclined to do good job when they feel their ideas are heard, share and be recognized for what they know, and when other people are available to help them, when they learn from mistakes rather than being punished Many training programs use existing applications employees are familiar with (Word, Adobe) Web- based training can be revised rapidly o Providing continuously updated training material (easier and cheaper and saves travel and classroom costs) When combined with other communications technology such as e- mail, teleconferencing, videoconferencing, and groupware, Web- based training can be more effective Learning requires some planning so both employees on- site, connecting through high- speed corporate Internet connections, and employees off- site, with wireless modems or other slow connections – able to access training material o Provide CDs and DVDs containing same training material to those off- site o • • • • • On- The- Job Experiences • Present managers with opportunities to perform under pressure and learn from mistakes • Most powerful and commonly used techniques • First- level employees can be problematic if not well planned • Should be well organized, supervised, and challenging to participants • Methods include: o A. coaching – flow of info, comments and suggestions o B. mentoring – informal relationship in which executive coaches, advises, and encourages more junior employee ! Good mentor focuses on goals, opportunities, expectations, and standards ! Assist people in fulfilling their potential o C. understudy assignments – groom individual to take over manager’s job by helping individual gain experience in handling important functions of job o D. job rotation – broadene...
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