Chapter 5 - Orientation, Training, and Development

Coaching flow of info comments and suggestions o b

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Unformatted text preview: nship programs – programs jointly sponsored by colleges, universities, and other organizations that offer students opportunity to gain real- life experience while allowing them to find out how they will perform in work organizations • Organizations benefit by getting student- employees with new ideas, energy, and eagerness to accomplish their assignments Classroom Instruction • Enables maximum number of trainees to be handled by minimum number of instructors • Info presented in lectures, demonstrations, films, and videotapes • Special type of classroom facility used in lobby/hall training o Trainees given instruction in operation of equipment like that found in operating departments o Emphasis on instruction Self- Directed Learning • Individuals work at own pace at programmed instruction • Use of books, manuals, or computers to break down subject matter content into highly organized, logical sequences that demand continuous response on part of trainee Audio- Visual • Used to teach skills and procedures • Video- conferencing successful in connecting First Nations communities in remote areas so that they can learn from each other Simulation • When impractical or unwise to train employees on actual equipment used on job • Ex. Aircraft, spacecraft, highly technical and expensive equipment • Provides realism in equipment and its operation E- Learning • E- learning – learning that takes place through electronic media Provide drill and practice, problem solving ,simulation, gaming forms of instruction, and certain very sophisticated forms of individualized instruction more engaging for learners than traditional classroom instruction o Cheaper to administer (save 30- 70% of training costs) o Help employees reach own personal development goals o Increase productivity o Systems that track progress of learners (WebCT) o Allows employees to search through virtual sea of info in order to customize their own learning...
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