Chapter 5 - Orientation, Training, and Development

Immediate supervisor or team leader mentoring refer

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Unformatted text preview: nce levels they are observing among co- workers will be attained within predetermined time frame, based on experiences from others o Immigrants = close contacts with people in community and at work • Must be evaluated to ensure it is meeting organizational outcomes Special Topics in Training and Development Basic Skills Training • • • • • • • • 42% of working- age Canadians are below internationally accepted literacy standard for functioning in today’s world (sixth grade education or less) Improve = better pay and more promotions and employed for longer periods of time Launch literacy training in order to improve productivity Given tight labour markets and increasing skill requirement, have important implications on society and for organizations that must work around these skill deficiencies Basic skills have become essential occupational qualifications – profound implications for product quality, customer service, internal efficiency, and workplace and environmental safety 15% of adult Canadians have serious problems dealing with any printed documents Top 5 skills need in employees today are ability to: o Read and understand info o Listen, ask questions, and understand o Work in teams o Assess situations and identify problems o Share info orally and work with others Grown- ups don’t learn way kids do – implement successful program in basic and remedial skills by managers doing the following: o Explain to employees why and how training will help them in jobs o Relate training to employees’ goals o o o Respect and consider participant experiences, and use these as resource Use task- centred or problem- centred approach so that participants “learn by doing” Give feedback on pr...
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