Chapter 5 - Orientation, Training, and Development

Massed versus distributed learning amount of time

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Unformatted text preview: ion of a trainee’s maturity and experience when assessing him/her • Motivation – for optimum learning to take place, trainees must recognize need for new knowledge/skills, and must maintain desire to learn as training progresses • by focusing on trainees themselves rather than on trainer or training topic, managers can create a training environment that is conductive to learning • six strategies can be essential o use positive reinforcement, eliminate threats and punishment, be flexible, have participants set personal goals, design interesting instruction, break down physical and psychological obstacles to learning • most employees motivated by certain common need, they differ from one another in relative importance of these needs at any given time • training objectives clearly related to trainees’ individual needs will increase motivation of employees to succeed in training programs Principles of Learning • moving from needs assessment and instructional objectives to employee readiness and motivation – shift from focus on organization to focus on employees o training has to build bridge between employees and organization • give full consideration to psychological principles of learning – characteristics of training programs that help employees grasp new material, make sense of it in their own lives, and transfer it back to job • managers and employees should understand that different training methods or techniques vary in extent to which they utilize principles of learning o important they incorporate following principle of learning ! goal setting – goals and objectives for training are clear ! individual differences – learn at different rates and ways ! active practice and repetition – practice in way expected to perform !...
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