Chapter 5 - Orientation, Training, and Development

Understanding of organization enhanced reputations as

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Unformatted text preview: ganization and become valuable member of it • Employees can become more productive more quickly as well as helping employees build solid foundation for success • Orientation stresses “why” • Designed to develop in employees a particular attitude about work they will be doing and role in organization • Define philosophy behind rules and provides framework for work in that organization Continuous Process • Plans, policies, and procedures must change with conditions • Current employees kept up to date with changes • Important all employees continually reoriented to changing conditions • Companies use intranets (internal websites) and online orientation modules to keep new and current employees up to date Cooperative Endeavour • Cooperation between line and staff is essential • HR responsible for coordinating orientation activities and providing new employees with info about conditions of employment, benefits, and other areas not directly under supervisor’s direction o However, supervisor has important role o Employees interested in what supervisor says and does and what new workers are like o Before arrival of new employee, supervisor should inform work group that new worker is joining unit o Recruit co- workers to serve as volunteer “sponsors” or “buddies” ! Emphasis on teamwork Careful Planning • Emphasis on goals, topics to be covered, and methods of organizing and presenting them • Emphasize individual’s needs for info, understanding, and feeling of belonging • Avoid overlooking items important to employees- devise checklists o Can also be printed and given to new employee o Use intranets • Focus on matters of immediate concern (aspects of job and organizational behaviour expectations) • Do not overwhelm or provide too much info at one time • Take into account anxiety employees feel during first few days o Take steps to reduce anxiety o Reassuring newcomers that performa...
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