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Chapter 4 - Human Resource Planning, Recruitment, and Selection

Focus on employee retention and accessing new talent

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Unformatted text preview: = suggest that some employees take a leave of absence, job- share, reduce working hours, or redeploy to units that have a need • Usually too many people in one area and not enough in another • Minimize need to terminate employees Ways to Deal with Shortages of Labour • Additional employees may be short- term or temporary and organization will not want to hire for longer term o Request employees work extra hours (peak periods) • Part- time staff to cover for absences of regular, full- time employees • Temporary employment agency to acquire short- term staff in areas where certain type of expertise is required (ex. Software programmers) • Overtime, enhance retention strategies, and leasing employees • Once manager knows what work is to be done and the skills required to do the work successfully, the task of finding and selecting the right people begins Recruitment • • Line manager together with available HR professionals, will identify where a company might look for candidates (potential employees) Recruitment – process of locating and encouraging potential applicants to apply for jobs (existing or anticipated job openings) o Have a large pool of potentially qualified applicants o Informs applicants about qualifications required and career opportunities o Filled from internal or external (depends on availability, HR practices, and requirements of the job to be staffed) o Challenge = continue recruitment process even during difficult economic times ! Focus on employee retention and accessing new talent ! Important to understand what employees want to keep them in organization through building a better workplace that makes people want to stay o Consider “branding” from a future employer perspective ! Branding = need to have a total and holistic approach to how the marketplace sees the company and/or products ! ! ! Desire to have uniform image come into consumer’s mind when company or product is visible Many companies now try to have a uniform image come into prospective employees’ minds (and existing employees) when the company name is mentioned Create opportunity to retain their key talent Recruiting Within the Organization • Public and private sector organizations try to follow a policy of filling job vacancies above the entry- level position through promotions and transfers o Can capitalize on the investment it has made in recruiting, selecting, training, and developing its current employees Advantages of Recruiting from Within • Promotion serves to reward employees for past performance and is intended to encourage them to continue their efforts • Makes use of the people who already know the organization and the contribution...
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