Chapter 4 - Human Resource Planning, Recruitment, and Selection

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Unformatted text preview: ing Outside the Organization • • • When mid- level manager of organization leaves, chain reaction of promotions may subsequently occur o Creates other openings throughout organization o Which level should they be brought in? External recruitment organized and coordinated by HR department with line manager frequently giving suggestions about where to recruit o Need to be aware of labour market conditions and where to recruit Hiring from outside brings new ideas, different styles, and new energy Advantages and Disadvantages of External Recruitment • Advantages o Brings certain unique skills that the company needs new o Bring people with a variety of different experiences and perspectives • Disadvantages o Lack of solid information about persons performance on the job o Person may not know the industry or organization (needs more extensive orientation and training) o Constraints in organizations (ex. Salary levels) that prevent organization from accessing a large pool of applicants o o Significant costs with external recruitment (time, advertising, familiarizing the person with the organization) Legislative requirements (ex. Employment equity) The Labour Market • Labour market – area from which applicants are recruited o Vary with the type of position to be filled and amount of compensation to be paid o Recruitment for executives and technical personnel who require a high degree of knowledge and skill may be national/international in scope • Most colleges and universities conduct national employment to fill top administrative positions • Little skill = small geographic area o Reluctance of people to relocate cause them to turn down offers of employment ! Eliminate from employment consideration beyond local labour market • Condition of labour market may help determine which recruiting sources an organization will use o High unemployment = resumes alone o Tight labour market – force employer to advertise heavily or seek assistance from local employment agencies o Usually use several recruitment sources • Canada has relied on immigration to meet demand for labour o Citizenship and Immigration Canada – department responsible for immigration ! Worked with businesses to create processes that are more responsive to labour market shortfalls ! Healthcare workers and skilled trades ! Allow applicants into Canada that have skills that are in short- supply • More and more individuals become part of a global talent pool, companies will seek a number of ways to recruit beyond one’s home country Outside Sources of Recruitment • Vary with type of position to be filled (software developer different way than retail service) • Trade schools provide applicants for entry- level...
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