Chapter 4 - Human Resource Planning, Recruitment, and Selection

Fastest growing recruitment sources o temps when

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Unformatted text preview: positions o Not useful when highly skilled employees are needed • Networking, referral from previous and existing staff, info from customers/clients, being involved in the community are a few way organizations seek people outside the organization • Creative ways: web- based social networks (MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) Advertisements • Frequent method of attracting applicants • Websites, newspapers and trade journals used are media used most often • Radio, television, billboards, posters and emails are also used • Advantage of reaching a large audience of possible applicants • • • • • Some degree of selectivity can be achieved using newspapers and journals directed toward a particular reading group o Professional journals, trade journals, publications… Requires creativity in developing design and message content Well written highlights major assets of position while showing responsiveness of organization to the job and career needs of applicants Info included in advertisements is statement that recruiting organization is an equal- opportunity employer Canada’s Human Resources and Skills Development (HRSDC) branches are responsible for administering the Employment Insurance program o Unemployed individuals register if suitable to receive weekly employment insurance cheques o Public employment agencies refer to employers with required skills available o National job bank o Provides assistance to employers in approving special work permits to enable people from other countries to move to Canada for employment ! Shortage in long haul trucking, doctors, nurses, medical technologists Internet • Most commonly used search tactic by job seekers (60%) • Approach = cheaper, faster, potentially more effective • Companies use websites to announce job openings • HRSDC – virtual library of career and employment info • Generate higher- quality candidates • Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) study states checking postings on internet most commonly used search tactic by job seekers and 9/10 recruiters use the internet to get word out about new positions • Prepare to attract qualified people you are seeking • Web based ad is not sufficient o Must have means to easily and quickly process the number of applications that can come from this tool • Companies have integrated front=end careers websites with their own databases o Pull right data from all candidates and organize data that makes review of applicants more efficient o Resumes are stores and software is sophisticated enough to connect candidates directly to hiring manager Employment Agencies • Includes executive search firms and temporary employment agencies • Attempt to match applicants with specific...
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