Chapter 4 - Human Resource Planning, Recruitment, and Selection

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Unformatted text preview: e is a greater possibility of having staff that can do the work and achieve goals of organization Selection – process of choosing individuals who have relevant qualifications and who will best perform on the job to fill existing or projected job openings Those making selection decisions should have adequate info on which to base their decisions Info on jobs to be filled and as much relevant info about applicants themselves is essential for making sound decisions Objective is to have info that will predict job performance of the candidate in the organization Reconfirm necessary knowledge, skills and abilities for the job Use selection methods such as interviews, references, psychological tests, to assess applicant’s competencies and match these against requirements of the job and needs of organization HR professional needs to maintain close communication with various departments to become familiar with jobs and competencies needed to perform them The Selection Process • • • • • • • Most organizations- selection is a continuous process Some situations, organization will have a waiting list of applicants who can be called when permanent or temporary positions become available Number of steps vary with organization and type and level of jobs to be filled Each step evaluated on its contribution Organizations use different means to obtain info about applicants o Forms and resumes, interviews, tests, reference checks Essential that it conforms to accepted ethical standards including privacy and confidentiality and legal requirements Essential for info obtained be sufficiently reliable and valid Obtaining Reliable and Valid Information • • Reliability – the degree to which interviews, tests, and other selection procedures yield comparable data over time and alternative measures Validity – how well a test or selection procedure measures a person’s attributes o Indicator of extent to which data from a procedure predict job performance o Whether something is valid depends upon selection tool’s overall reliability o Best predictor for job performance is person’s general mental abilities Sources of Information about Job Candidates • Sources of info are used to provide as reliable and valid a picture as possible of an applicant’s potential for success on the job Application Forms and Resumes • Application forms provide quick and systematic means of obtaining a variety of info about the applicant o Provide info for deciding whether applicant meets minimum requirements for experiences, ed...
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