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Chapter 4 - Human Resource Planning, Recruitment, and Selection

O provide basis for questions the interviewer will

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Unformatted text preview: that is not creating situation of systemic discrimination Unsolicited Applications and Resumes • Percentage of acceptable applicants from this source may not be high, but cannot be ignored • People introduce themselves to organizations that are of interest to them • Good public relations dictates that any person contacting an organization for a job be treated with courtesy and respect • Candidate should be informed if no possibility of employment in organization at present or future Professional Organizations • Many offer a placement service to members as one of their benefits • Listing of members seeking employment may be advertised in journals or publicized at national meetings • Placement centre is usually established at national meetings for mutual benefit of employers and job seekers Unions • Principal source of applicants for blue- collar and some professional jobs o If company is unionized and has employees that belong to labour unions • Usually for short- term needs • Employers should contact local union for employer eligibility requirements and applicant availability Recruitment for Diversity • Employers often focus on attracting potential staff in communities of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds o Focus on women, visible minorities, people with disabilities, First Nations o No quota like U.S. o Expectation that over time organizations have workforce that is reflective of general population of Canada • Companies that aggressively sought and supported a diverse workforce outperformed other companies in a study • Important for line managers and supervisors to be knowledgeable about and supportive of organization’s objective to have employees with diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds • “outreach programs” – managers speak at ethnic community centres to let people know about employment opportunities with their company • Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) – mission to create and facilitate solutions to better the integration of immigrants into regional workforce o Necessary to have well- settled and satisfied immigrants Selection • • • Once recruitment process yielded applicants whose qualifications appear to fit organization’s requirements, you must assess those qualifications and make a decision on whom to hire o Who will perform best on the job Line manager’s responsibility to make final selection decision If there is an HR department, it will support role by arranging interviews, doing reference checking, administering employment tests Matching People and Jobs • • • • • • • • • Making hiring decisions cannot be structured to achieve perfect results By being systematic in the selection process, ther...
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