Chapter 4 - Human Resource Planning, Recruitment, and Selection

Small organizations encourage job openings from

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Unformatted text preview: they have made • Gives other employees reason to anticipate that similar efforts will lead to promotion o Improving morale within the organization • Transfers protect employees from layoff or broaden their job experiences o Transferred employee’s familiarity with the organization and its operations can eliminate the orientation and training costs that recruitment from outside would entail o Transferee’s performance record is likely to be more accurate predictor of candidate’s success than data gained about outside applicants Methods of Locating Qualified Internal Job Candidates • Qualified job candidates can be located by using computerized record systems and by internal job postings Human Resource Information Systems • Information technology has made it possible for organizations to create databases that contain the complete records and qualifications of each employee within an organization • Managers can access this info and identify potential candidates for available jobs • Resume- tracking systems – query on online database of resumes • All organization to rapidly screen entire workforce to locate suitable candidates • Data can be used to predict career paths of employees and to anticipate when and where promotion opportunities may arise o Provisions for recording changes in employee qualifications and job placements Succession Planning • Process of identifying, developing, and tracking key employees for future promotions • Organization identifies long- term goals and make sure employee is developed to assume other rules and responsibilities Internal Job Posting • Internal job posting – method of communicating information about job openings • Computerized job posting systems and maintaining voluntary lists of employees looking for upgraded positions • Benefits may not be realized unless employees believe the process is being administered fairly • More effective if it is part of a career development program in which employees are made aware of opportunities available to them within the organization Limitations of Recruiting from Within • Sometimes certain jobs that require specialized training and experience cannot be filled from within the organization and must be filled from the outside • Especially common in small organizations • Encourage job openings from within but potential candidates from outside should be considered in order to prevent inbreeding of ideas and attitudes • Applicants hired from outside (more technical and managerial positions) = source of new ideas and bring latest knowledge acquired from previous employers • “employee cloning” • Gain secrets and managerial talent from competitors by hiring away their employees Recruit...
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