Evidence-based HRM

8 a cluster of aligned hr practices has greater

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Unformatted text preview: the extrinsic incentives bias, in multiple experimental studies. 6. Teams with members from vastly different functional areas are likely to reach better solutions to complex problems than teams from one area. (Teams) It’s true because cross- functional teams bring information from their external networks to bear on problems, People work together may help reconcile background differences and learn others advantages. 7. Large teams are more effective than small teams. (Teams) It’s false because it is hard to do the balances diversity of opinion as increasing the marginal cost. So, it is harder to use social sanctions to hold people accountable in larger groups. 8. A cluster of aligned HR practices has greater impact on organizational productivity than any individual practice. (HPWS) It’s true because high performance work systems include employee participation in decisions and HR practices that support and enhance employee skills, and aligned incentive. In Huselid study, it links bundles of HR practices to organization perf...
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