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Children’s Lit. Nonfiction books 9/26/05 Hidden Worlds: Looking Through a Scientist’s Microscope By: Stephen Kramer, photos by Dennis Kunkel. The content of the book was very in depth, it showed a lot of pictures of different organisms through a microscope. An example of this is when it showed red blood cells and said how they look like jelly doughnuts. I think it is an outstanding book, because it shows children that science is fun, and shows how the process goes. But I would say the book is more for 5 th grade and up. Ghost Towns of the American West By: Raymond Bial. The content of the book shows ghost towns and describes what they consist of. Have excellent pictures of how it used to be back in the time of the Wild West. It is a good book because it can get children’s imagination going, and can make them think about how it used to be and how lucky they are in this time frame. The Tarantula Scientist By: Sy Montgomery photos by Nic Bishop. This book shows excellent photos of tarantula spiders.
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Unformatted text preview: It has many pictures of the team that is learning about spiders in a forest. It is very educational, and at the same time fun, I believe kids would love to read this book, and then view all the pictures. The book also includes different animals such as frogs that are found in the forest the search team is in. The book also won the Robert F. Sibert Honor Book Award. Eating for Health By Roberta Dimmer photos by Sandra Dylund. This book isn’t really that attractive to many children I am sure, but it is very educational, it has a plain cover, it is a book about eating healthy for teenagers, but it could also be used for children under 13. It is very important for kids to eat healthy especially in today’s world. It would be a good book for a teacher to read to their class, I am not to sure that to many children would really check this book out on their own, but if they did great for them! Web site. http://yahooligans.yahoo.com/science_and_nature/health_and_safety/nutrition/...
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