Although hong kong is not strong in technical

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Unformatted text preview: New Sources of Hong Kong’s Growth Investments in internet and information technology. Although Hong Kong is not strong in technical expertise, she has huge potential demand for ecommerce. It is because Hong Kong businesses run large industrial networks in China, sourcing materials worldwide. Importation of the Mainland’s skilled professionals without quota in 2000. Three Advantages and Four Flows The first advantage is our location with a deep harbour, which is unbeatable. The second is our institutions. Hong Kong is a China that speaks English. Businessman can understand the institutions, and the laws work. The third advantage is tax regime. Hong Kong people can work hard and work smart, and they can accumulate and protect their wealth. With regard to the four flows, we have free flow of people (talent), free flow of capital, free flow of merchandise, and also free flow of information. Hong Kong has the freest press in Asia. Most people are proud of it, and maintain it. Strengthening the Linked Exch...
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