It is the first economic restructuring inflow of

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Unformatted text preview: tage The immediate post-war period up to 1979 – Industrialisation Stage Korean War: Hong Kong started labour-intensive manufacturing. It is the first economic restructuring. Inflow of cheap labour and capital During 40 years of industrialisation, there were four major industries, the textile and clothing industry, the electronics industry, the plastics industry, and the metals industry. From 1979 to the present – Post-industrialised Period Open Door policy of China: Hong Kong transformed into a service economy. It is the second economic restructuring. Financial crisis: Human capital in the form of highly skilled professionals, scientists and engineers of mainland origin and from overseas is key. ?It may be the third economic restructuring.? Policy Co-ordination Border area issues: Involves Guangdong & Central government. Border checkpoints: Easing of congestion, Western Crossing (Bridge between HK & Shenzhen). Environmental protection: Border public works, emission standards, & water qualit...
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