Lorenz curve or gini coefficient gives static

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Unformatted text preview: z Curve or Gini Coefficient gives static measurement. Inter-personal comparison vs. Intra-personal comparison Deterioration in inequality is likely in a recessed economy. East Asian economies do not support a continuous improvement of equality as GDP rises. Changing Comparative Advantage Economic openness and conducive domestic conditions invite foreign direct investment that are export-oriented. Comparative advantages in exports and trade follow the world pattern of demand. Foreign direct investment helps change comparative advantage over time. Role of Government Hong Kong government intervened “positively” when needed. “Diffusion-oriented” strategy adopted in industrialization. Total public expenditure in GDP has been low. Larger expenditures include education and health. Pro-Growth Regime Politics is linked to economic in the process of distribution. Economics is used in political platform. Political outcome tends to be short term. Economic growth tends to be long term. Economism produces an economic floor, so that growth depends on stage of the economic cyc...
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