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MSE160 2014 Quiz 2 (Ver.3)_Solutions

Deduct 05 marks if the isomer structure is correctly

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Unformatted text preview: ct a mark for every incorrect isomer (e.g. a third “isomer” that is a rotation of one of the above isomers). Deduct 0.5 marks if the isomer structure is correctly, but is incorrectly labeled Question 2 [4 marks] If boron and nitrogen were to form a molecule with the formula BN, what would its MO energy level diagram look like? What is the net bond order in the molecule? Page 1 of 2 Question 3 [8 marks] Draw the Lewis structures for a) C2H4, b) SO32- , c) H2CO and draw resonance structures where appropriate. Also, for each one, write the molecular shape and hybridization scheme for the central atom. Page 2 of 2...
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