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Conformity recap conformity changing percepgons

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Unformatted text preview: norms about hand washing influence people’s behaviour? •  39 women using public restroom –  CondiGon 1: Experimenter sicng in bathroom –  CondiGon 2: ParGcipant alone in bathroom •  Does the presence of another person alter hand washing behaviour? Hand Washing Study % Washing 1 0.75 0.5 0.25 0 Confederate Present Alone Miss America GI Joe 1964 1974 1994 1998 What’s the Difference? •  Informa;onal: actually accepGng and internalizing other people’s percepGons, even in private •  Norma;ve: agreeing with a posiGon in public, even if we conGnue to believe something else in private What Promotes Conformity? •  Larger groups •  Group unanimity •  ExperGse and status •  Being from an interdependent culture To conform or not to conform? Conformity Recap •  Conformity: changing percepGons, opinions or behaviour to go along with group norms –  InformaGonal –  NormaGve •  It’s necessary, but how much is too much? Break Plan for Today •  Conformity •  Obedience...
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